All your music related data in one place, from tracking your music in playlists on Spotify and Apple Music, insights from social media platforms, and distribution of your music to over more than 100 digital streaming stores.

Driven by intelligence

PlayTreks organizes, analyses and uses intelligence to find relevant correlations in the data from all sources and is then able to quickly provide rich and detailed information about any artist, track or playlist in order for someone to make more informed business decisions. PlayTreks, by using the described methods provides invaluable marketing intelligence to make informed decisions.

Coming soon, a wide range of creative services to advance your music career

Insights driven by intelligence. get actionable insights from streaming platforms and social media sources powered by data science, all in one place. Advance your career understanding what happens to your music

Reveal what the world is listening to. Track your favorite music in charts and playlists. just one click away, current chart positions, peak positions, actual and past playlists, all your favorite releases in your artist dashboard.

We help artists take control of their music distribution and grow their career. Distribute music to over 100 platforms and collect sales data from all major streaming platforms, available in insightful and transparent dashboards.

Bridging the Data Gap

PlayTreks helps entertainment professionals, Do It Yourself or Bedroom producers make smarter and faster music business decisions by providing reliable data, beautiful visuals, in-depth actionable insights, innovative features, and transparency.

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Streaming Platforms to distribute your music

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Data Sources


One App to replace them all? We believe in democratizing the music industry by providing a platform which puts you in the driver seat at an affordable monthly price. Every artist should be able to be in control over their career, which starts by understanding what is happening to your music. PlayTreks provides this functionality.